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Ashley's First Time DVD

Ashley's First Time DVD

The first DVD devoted solely to this gorgeous morsel of a bra-buster from England! In the tradition of many introductory Voluptuous and SCORE DVDs to an extraordinary girl, you'll get to enjoy Ashley Sage Ellison as she blows out her bikinis and tight titty-tops. You'll drool as she applies a coating of oil to slick up her succulent sucklers. She bounces, jiggles and dangles her twin J-peaks all over the island of St. Martin in the sunny Caribbean. In between chapters, Ashley talks about her life and her phenomenal breasts with a SCORE staff member. G..L. writes "I want to congratulate you for the best discovery of the 2000's: Ashley Sage Ellison. In the past, you have discovered fabulous models like Karina Hart, London Andrews and Linsey Dawn McKenzie. But Ashley is simply perfection: lovely face, lots of charisma and a curvy body with the best tits I've seen since Nadine Jansen's cleavage." Get your own official high-quality copy today for your breast-man's library shelf. A superstar has arrived!

Beach Bunny
Ashley heads to the deck of the pool at the beach house in St. Martin. She's brought a collection of micro-bikinis she's going to try on. It was too cold in Yorkshire, England to wear those skimpy swimsuits, so we flew Ashley to this island paradise where her tits can get the proper sunshine they deserve. This is not only a bikini show. Ashley plays with her J-cups, dangles them and shakes them. The camera even gets down under her. After picking out a blue string bikini, Ashley heads to the beach yards away from the house and frolics in the sand and surf. If the boys back home could see her now...

Busting Out All Over
Ashley is about to prepare for a tits in tight tops show, but first she puts on a bit of make-up. Back home, she is a professional beautician so she knows everything about the pretty girl business. First she chooses a grey top, a bit see-through, that looks fairly dressy. Her next choice is a white and green striped bikini top that gives her good cleavage mounds. Then, Ashley chooses a green, sheer, long-sleeved button-down. It's like a cardigan but made of thin, sheer material. This one looks suitable for an after-beach drink or meal at some surfside restaurant. It's too tight and looks ready to rip. For the bottoms, she picks tight, pink booty shorts that show cameltoe and fit her ass beautifully. But she changes to a pair of tiny blue shorts that zip up the front. Her ass looks just as hot in them. For her next and last change of clothing in this chapter, Ashley strips totally nude and tries on a yellow mini-dress that's made of a slitted fabric that allows you to see her body. Any of her outfits would attract reporters from around the world if she wore them in public.

Ashley Gets Wet
Ashley heads to the swanky bathroom for her shower. What's a boobie video without the obligatory shower scene? It would be missing an important part of the breast-man's experience. You get to see every inch of Ashley's body from head to toe, obstructed only by the creamy suds cascading down her skin once she has soaped up. We'd swear that the shower in this house was designed for men to photograph busty girls. It's a curved, open-faced shower with no door or curtain to get in the way.

Bouncing Boobs
For an amazing new discovery's first DVD, a work-out is also an important part of the introductory experience. Ashley begins her work-out in a tight two-piece fitness outfit that would make it very hard for a man to deal with if he saw her at his local fitness center. Ashley does mat exercises that were designed to develop and beautify a girl's bust. She gets her kit off to train with dangling hangers, and after a complete training course, she gets completely naked and immerses herself in the swimming pool to cool off from her boobercizes.

All Of Ashley
Ashley puts on a red mono-kini that barely covers her. She goes to a lounge chair at poolside to have an afternoon of relaxation and tit-recreation. Her huge knockers threaten to pop out from under the narrow strips of cloth. Her rounded bubble butt is totally exposed by the thong bottom. Wielding a bottle of spray-on oil, Ashley stands and spritzes her voluptuous flesh until her ass and breasts glisten and shine. She peels off her suit and lies down to rub and feel her incredible mounds of joy, making sure every drop of oil has been completely absorbed in to her pale, white skin. After this nipple nirvana, she wades into the pool to cool off. Her floating boobs make her look like a water nymph. She emerges wet to put on a pair of panties, and when she turns around, we see that there is something written on the bottom.

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Rated: R
Time: 70 Minutes

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