Violetta: Beautiful Swallower

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Duration: 20 minutes
Violetta: Beautiful Swallower
Slim and busty Violetta has a thing for long dicks and Liam gives her as much as she wants. He sucks on her nipples hard, using suction to pull on them and buries his face between her tits.

When it's Violetta's turn to suck, she goes down all the way, drooling heavily and sucking hand-free. She holds his balls in one hand while he fucks her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. He holds her head by her hair while she takes it all in her mouth and gags. When she takes his dick out of her pretty mouth, she makes spit strings and her chest is covered in her saliva. She gives her all. This kind of cock-sucking is super-sloppy and wet. Violetta is the kind of girl who would be embarrassed to give a guy a dry, head-sucking blow job.

Liam takes off Violetta's panties after her show-stopping BJ and goes down on her nice, shaved pussy, licking and fingering it and licking and fingering her butthole. She's ready to get fucked, starting with a pounding fill-up from behind. After they fuck, she looks at Liam with a pleading expression and an outstretched tongue. He loads her mouth with a blast of cum for being a good girl.

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