Emanuella Rossa: Fantasy Sex Goddess

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Duration: 27 minutes
Emanuella Rossa: Fantasy Sex Goddess
Tom Holland couldn't wait to play with Emanuella Rossa when he was shown her photos. We can't blame him for counting the minutes until this scene began. Emanuella is a super-woman, built like a goddess that temples were made for.

Tom comes from behind to cup Emanuella's beautiful breasts. She turns so he can bury his face between them. Taking her boobs out of her bra, Tom sucks on her nipples and squeezes the heavy breast flesh.

Emanuella sits on the bed and smiles as she eyes Tom's bulge. When his dick pops out of his pants like it's spring-loaded, Emanuella takes it in hand and deep-throats it. Tom fucks her tits, sticking his cock in her pretty mouth so she can suck it while she squeezes her breasts together.

Tom lies on his back so Emanuella can touch and lick his cock and balls. He tells Emanuella to get on her back and unhooks her bra. He's eager to fuck those incredible breasts again. Emanuella pushes her tits together, squishing his cock between them. She sucks the head when it reaches her lips.

By this time, Tom has to fuck Emanuella and plunges into her pussy. They fuck the missionary way, then sideways. After taking a break for more tit-fucking with Emanuella on top, they resume with doggie and then with the black-haired beauty on top. Emanuella encourages Tom to cum and her sex-kitten voice gets him popping on her large areola.

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