Violetta: Anally Yours

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Duration: 20 minutes
Violetta: Anally Yours
Violetta has special plans today. There's something she hasn't done at SCORELAND yet. First, she wants to suck Liam's dick. She gets on the bed and slowly and seductively walks on her hands and knees over to Liam. She looks back with a sexy glance before giving her attention to his package. Violetta is a girl who loves giving blow jobs, and she's awesome at them. The camera never lies. She craves the taste of his cock and the feeling of fullness as she stuffs every inch in her pretty mouth, her red lipstick leaving her mark on his shaft.

Violetta makes sucking, popping and slurping sounds, alternating between slow sucking and fast sucking, between looking at the camera and at his cock. She drools and spits globs of saliva on it and strokes it up and down when it's not in her throat, cupping his balls in her palms. Liam pushes her head down gently to encourage her to get more cock in her mouth. Violetta has no gag reflex. She can take if all and makes every blow job special.

Violetta lies back so she can get her tits fucked and sucked and her pussy licked. He sucks each nipple hard, the suction stretching her tits. Violetta moans from the sensation and holds her tits, looking at what he's doing to her. The blonde beauty turns over and puts her ass up, ready for the special moment she promised before crawling into bed. Liam licks her ass-crack and thumbs her butthole before fucking her ass. It's a tight squeeze and takes time to fill her little hole but they succeed.

Violetta gets on her back and spreads her legs open so he can pump her butthole again, this time in the missionary position. She keeps her hands off her tits so they can splay, shake and wobble as he booty-fucks her. Her facial expressions are a mix of pleasure and pain. She has a tight ass and his big cock stretches it. The more he fucks her, the more it opens up. Flexible Violetta gets on top of Liam in a reverse cowgirl. She wants some more cock in her ass, just a little more dicking, before her beauty, soft skin and sex appeal make him explode all over her gorgeous, slim and stacked body.

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