Remi Ferdinand Worships the Long Dick

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Duration: 30 minutes
Remi Ferdinand Worships the Long Dick
Hot number Remi Ferdinand tells long John Long to close his eyes so she can surprise him by modeling her new lingerie for him. She comes into the bedroom to show off how it looks on her juicy body. He looks at it for all of three seconds before he sucks her nipples and buries his face between Remi's big tits.

Remi gets on top and covers his face with her boobs then gets off the bed to kneel and suck his dick hands-free and lick his nuts with his cock wedged between her breasts. Remi is a deep throat star and can handle the biggest dicks.

Getting back into bed after John takes off her lingerie, Remi spreads her legs open so he can lick her pussy. It's sweet to see a girl with a bush at XLGirls. Most girls sport baldies these days. Turned-on by his tongue twirling, Remi is ready for the long bone dick-down.

Watch Remi deep throat John at the 20-minute mark. Very impressive. Remi could teach a course in blow jobs.

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