Rachael C.'s Top-Stretching in the Garden

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Rachael C.'s Top-Stretching in the Garden
Rachael C. has a picnic basket with her in the garden, but there are no snacks in that case. It's filled with tight tops for Rachael to put on over her gigantic, juicy tits and show off.

"I try to work out but my boobs are so heavy," Rachael said. "I used to do gymnastics. The boys were always looking. Now I have to get specialist bras because my breasts are too big to find off the rack."

If you know Rachael from her shoots at SCORELAND, you know there have been some changes. Now she can self-suck her nipples.

"No matter what I wear when I go out, my breasts always stand out. I guess I'm lucky like that. I see you staring at them, naughty boys."

XLGIRLS: Hi Rachael, what are your hobbies when you have time?

Rachael C.: I love music and I love going to festivals and concerts. I like to try and sing, but I'm not that good. My poor neighbors. I would love to take lessons though! And I love going on spa trips and trying new things. I don't get a lot of time for me now being a single mummy!

XLGIRLS: What do you do for fun?

Rachael C.: I won't lie...if I lay in bed bored, I would just grab my toys out of my bedroom drawer and have playtime with myself! Literally that or, as I said, I love getting out to anything with music.

XLGIRLS: Are you called by any nicknames by friends?

Rachael C.: I mean, I was once called Jugs! And I also used to get called Babs from Chicken Run...sexy right? Not so much in the way of any nicknames nowadays though!

XLGIRLS: Are other girls jealous of your looks?

Rachael C.: I get hate, of course, but I wouldn't say because of my looks as such. I do get a lot of comments from girls wishing they had my boobs.

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