Maya Luna teaches ass-fucking

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Maya Luna teaches ass-fucking
A woman like Maya Luna, who's 61 years old, married and has children, has a lot of experience and can help young people with a lot of things. Teach them how to get through difficult situations. Tell them the ways of the world. Offer good advice. Show them how to fuck a girl in the ass.

Screeech! What?

Yeah, we said, "Show them how to fuck a girl in the ass." That's what happens here. Berry, who's 21, tells Luna that his girlfriend wants to get ass-fucked, but he doesn't know how to do it.

"You want me to show you?" Luna says.


"I will teach you," she says.

Of course, first she shows him how a horny 60something sucks cock and balls. Then she shows him how to get a woman's ass primed for cock. And then she takes that cock in her ass. Her pussy, too, of course, but mostly her ass.

So now he's ready. He can fuck his girlfriend in the ass. But we have to wonder why he'd want her when he can have a mature hottie like Luna.

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