Lauren D'Angelo: A Girl's Night In

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Duration: 21 minutes
Lauren D'Angelo: A Girl's Night In
Lauren D'Angelo was discovered by one of our eagle-eyed photographers in South America. He always keeps his big-boob radar turned on for sexy babes. He saw Lauren and asked her if she'd like to model.

Lauren said she loves reading, traveling and meeting intellectual people. "I have all of my bras custom-fitted. Whenever I go out, I wear a bra, except when I'm at home. Then I don't wear a bra. I like to wear modest clothes that don't expose too much skin. I like to save that for the bedroom."

Even though she doesn't dress in skimpy outfits that show off her body, she gets checked out constantly. A girl like Lauren has her own kind of radar and can feel it when a guy is eyeing her. "It happens all the time and I like it."

Lauren does a slow striptease followed by breast play and pussy pleasuring with her fingers and a textured dildo.

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