Jessica Bunnington: The Mega-boobs Reveal At The Bimbo Gym

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Duration: 32 minutes
Jessica Bunnington: The Mega-boobs Reveal At The Bimbo Gym
In November 2020, Jessica "Jessy Bunny" Bunnington said in an interview, "I have 1300ccs, and that makes me a 32K in bras, which I have custom-made for me. 70K is the European size but it's not possible to find 70K bras in stores so I'm normally wearing 75G. They're too small so my nipples are always coming out, but I haven't heard any complaints so far."

Jessy's journey toward her goal to become the ultimate bimbo was only beginning in 2020. In this scene, a bustier Jessy reveals her new and massive 2000cc boobs. Now, she's only 4'11'' tall so this is unbelievable. Michael Fly gets to sample her huge bimbo tits for the first time at the gym when he spots Jessy working out. It's history in the making.

This was an extremely dangerous scene to produce. It's not safe to lift weights when Jessy is doing her chest exercises a few feet away. He hovers closer when Jessy does her forward chest-thrusts. As if that wasn't risky enough for him Jessy is working out in high heels and camel-toe booty shorts. No man can think straight with a girl like Jessy working out within a 30-foot radius. The gym staff should set up a few "Danger" signs around the mega-busty super-bimbo.

Jessy ends her workout session. Michael keeps lifting. If he overdoes it, his arms will be too sore to jack thinking about Jessy. Fortunately, fate steps in.

Jessy takes off her booty shorts and top and steps out of her high heels. She's wearing a bikini underneath. While Michael watches, Jessy gets under the shower and uses the showerhead to cool off. She asks Michael if he'll give her a hand. He helps her out of her swimsuit and gets busy with her mega-tits.

Jessy loves men with big dicks. She enthusiastically blows him and gets her colossal boobs fucked. This scene is shot in some excellent angles. They fuck standing up in the shower, Jessy using the wall to keep her balance as he pounds her pussy. They move to a bench where she sits on his cock and bounces up and down. Michael fucks her pussy some more and then fucks her butthole. Jessy, who's a screamer, fills the gym with her cries.

Jessy plans to go bustier this year. When she sets her mind to a goal, she accomplishes it.

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