Jacked Off & Tit-fucked By Claire

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SKU: SCN72097
Rated: XXX
Duration: 15 minutes
Jacked Off & Tit-fucked By Claire
On a terrace overlooking the Miami skyline. Claire Dames is ready for some sightseeing. You were assigned the job of driving Claire around town and playing tour guide by SCORE's manager.

When you get to the apartment, Claire checks you out and changes her mind about leaving right away. You can drive her later. She'd like to play with your cock and see if she can drain your nuts on her big tits. Yes, she can. If you decline the honor, she will be upset, so let her handle things because she's our guest. Claire has a mouth for dirty talking, boobs for banging and soft hands for tugging. On a Claire day, you can pop forever.

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