How Nowell gets ready for anal

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How Nowell gets ready for anal
Nowell Mynx is expecting some company, so she gets ready for her guest by fucking her pussy and ass with some of her favorite toys. Yep, Nowell is going to get ass-fucked, and you're going to get to see it. But not yet. Today is all about the warmup. Judging by how hard her nipples are, she's definitely ready for a few more cums.

Nowell is a retired member of the U.S. military.

"Not many people know that I've done amateur adult modeling and filming as I have not publicly said anything. While I am not ashamed of it, I just don't want anything to necessarily link back to my particular brand of service in the military. Some of my male classmates would be ecstatic and some of my current friends would love to know."

She'd definitely have all of them standing at attention.

"I'm a swinger," she said. "My husband introduced me to the swinging lifestyle nine years ago. Our wildest experience is from a recent weekend when we were at a local hangout for swingers. I was getting in some practice and was able to get in a seven-guy gang bang and an 11-guy blow bang with quite the facial. Several of them were impressed with my abilities to take such large cocks and deep-throat them balls deep."

Nowell is from Colorado. She's 50 years old. When we asked her what she wants to try that she hasn't, she said, " A group of women."

"When I'm at home and in places where I can push the boundaries, I'll do what I can."

She's doing it here.

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