Hot Ukrainian mom wants it everywhere

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Duration: 33 minutes
Hot Ukrainian mom wants it everywhere
Julia North's first scene at opened with the 41-year-old wife and mom waking up. Today's scene, her first XXX, opens with her tits out and her pussy barely covered. She's in bed, wearing sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. Before long, she's playing with her pussy and cumming, then she reaches over, grabs one of her favorite toys and slides it up her ass.

At that point, Mrs. North decides she'd rather have the real thing, so she calls a guy over. He's happy to help her by using that toy on her ass. She's happy to help him by sucking his cock, and what a cock sucker she is! This woman really knows how to make love to a guy's schlong, and when he fucks her face, she doesn't pull back. She goes in for more. Then he takes turns fucking her ass and fucking her pussy, and it's hard to say which Julia loves more because her body shudders when he's fucking her pussy and it shudders when he's fucking her ass.

40Something: What do you want to try that you've never done?

Julia: Sex with a trans.

40Something: Are you a swinger?

Julia: Yes, I've been one for 20 years.

40Something: What is sexy to you?

Julia: Everything.

40Something: What sexually satisfies you best?

Julia: Double penetration.

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