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My daughter leaves her stuff all over the place, but this time I dig it. It's a cool costume and I decide to try it on. Her boyfriend sees my bending over with it on and thinks it's her so he sticks his hand up my skirt! I am appalled, it is so awkward, especially when I see his hard dick. I am a hungry cougar and it doesn't take much for Jay to get me to suck his big, black cock. I have not been getting enough cock and sucking that huge dick and sweet balls makes my little pussy tingle. I know it is so wrong so I ask him just to slide the tip in, so I can feel it but damn, he starts to go a bit further, a little more...omg! FUCK!! Jays cousin Myterious and his friend Sergio come in looking for him. We try to convince them to leave us alone and forget what they saw, but now all dicks in the room are hard. "We gotta have fun and nobody finds out" I sit on Jay's dick and start to suck off Myterious and Sergio "I always knew Mrs. Johnson was a freak!" Jay starts to finger my ass, that naughty boy! I get off and start to suck off Jay and Mysterious comes to fuck me...."Oh, oh, that's my ass!" Damn, that doesn't stop him, he slids it in and fucks it so good. Sergio needs a turn, and goes directly for my asshole! Jay needs a run at it so I suck off Mysterious as he slids it into my lil butt and jerk off Sergio. Jay sits on the couch and I want to ride him reverse but Mysterious tells me to face him. "So you can see my asshole as we fuck?" No... he wants to DP me!! Then Sergio comes and sticks his cock in my mouth...AIRTIGHT!! Jay stands up and bends me over, I keep sucking Sergio and all of a sudden Mysterious is in my face with his BBC too. Idk how but next thing you know, Mysterious has me in his lap fucking him and Jay is taking my ass, another DP! I want to fucken cum like this! I suck my pussy and ass juices off Sergio and Mysterious and realize that my phone has been on silent and that my daughter has called many times. Damn, I want to make all of these young dicks cum! I hop back on Mysterious and Sergio takes my ass, ANOTHER DP! Then Jay says he needs to cum in my ass he fucks me and gives me his load, I taste it off my fingers and Sergio pops his dick in my cum filled ass. He fucks me until he wants to cum, then pops his dick into my mouth and unloads. Mysterious is ready as well, so I get on my knees and take his load in my mouth right after Sergio's...cum cocktail! Oh fuck, I love being the Island Cougar!!



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