Demmy Gets Blazing Wet

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Duration: 23 minutes
Demmy Gets Blazing Wet
Would you believe that Demmy Blaze likes to watch Jackass? Who'd have guessed that she laughs seeing Johnny Knoxville and his jackasses almost wipe themselves out. "My sense of humor is very strange," Demmy said.

Demmy's day is always filled with compliments. She has everything a man could ever want. Guys tell her that she's a one-in-a-million girl. "It's very pleasant for me to have a lot attention. I rarely feel lonely."

"I'm very serious about my life as a model. It is a great experience to model and I meet many supportive people. I like to meet other models. Sometimes I am very critical of myself. I think maybe I am my own toughest critic because I want to look my best."

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