Aly Guzman: Pumpin' the Pink

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Duration: 19 minutes
Aly Guzman: Pumpin' the Pink
"I have a toy called Domi," the amazingly stacked Aly Guzman informed us. "I like to hold it against my clit until I cum." We don't think this is Domi in this video. It may have a name. It may not. Either way, it gets the job done the way she likes it.

Aly pumps her pink fast and really deep and gets very creamy. The South American girls love their toy and finger masturbation, especially the big dildos and vibrators. They usually rub their peaches with their fingers first before reaching for the heavy duty appliances. When they shop for toys, they seem to go straight to the husky section.

"I really like to touch my pussy, put my fingers inside and use my toys until I reach my orgasm. I like to fantasize about sex when I masturbate."

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