100% Ass Fucked

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Duration: 24 minutes
100% Ass Fucked
Alayah Sashu has that kind of booty bubble that will make your cock pop off. This lanky, mocha babe looks relatively skinny...until you check out her phat ass and you realize where all her weight went. She has such an incredible booty that this stud just has to put his face all in it the minute he sees it. Kind of like all of us would do if we were up-close and personal with a caboose like this.

Alayah parks her cushion on dude's face and makes it pop up and down while he furiously tongue-fucks her asshole. Then she goes down on him with her ass in the air so he can manhandle it while she handles business with his meat in her mouth. But the best part of this video is when he lubes up her ass and slides his cock into her snug asshole. She takes it like a pro and moans while he pummels her backdoor and then sprays down her cheeks with tons of cum.

You have a great ass, Alayah...and now, you've been 100% ass-fucked!

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