You know how in some girl-girls, it’s obvious the babes would rather have cock than cunt? That’s not the case
here. These girls love pussy as much as you do, and you get to watch them in intimate action.

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Rated: XXX
Duration: 109 minutes

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Napping next to each other in bed, Maddie slowly opens her eyes and softly kisses Sabrina on the forehead. Gently beginning to wake up, the girls passionately kiss and start to undress, taking each other's clothes off while their hands move up and down their bodies, stopping in their pubic regions and caressing their vulvas. Laying on her back, Maddie closes her eyes as Sabrina places her hairy vulva on top of her, letting Maddie lick her pussy from below while she bends forward, fingering Maddie in 69. Turning around, this time is Maddie the one who lays on all fours, smiling while Sabrina fingers her vigorously from behind, getting her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm

Delicately kissing Charlee's neck, Manon moves her hands toward Charlee's breasts, grabbing them firmly as Charlee exhales deeply, letting herself go into the pleasure. Turning around, she looks into Manon's blue eyes and passionately kisses her while her hands rubs her pubic region. Laying on her back, Manon smiles as Charlee sits on top of her, placing her full bush on top of her face, letting her lick her with devotion at the same time that she fingers Manon ardently.

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