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Four newcomers, the return of two big-time porn stars and a busty mom getting DP’d make the June 2015 issue of 40Something magazine one that lovers of mature women won’t want to miss. The porn stars are Anjelica Lauren and Sasha Sean (formerly Sasha Strange). Sasha takes on a big, black cock. The newcomers proudly show off their hot fuck holes. Redhead Heather Barron gets one cock in her pussy and another in her asshole at the same time. We have two 66-year-olds: busty divorcee Rochelle fucks and Brit Patsy shows off her gaping cunt. And if that’s not enough, stacked Annellise Croft makes a cuckold out of her man. Every woman is over 40…guaranteed. That’s a guarantee only our MILF mags can make.

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A cuckold is a man who’s forced to watch his wife or girlfriend fuck another man. Big-titted, long-nippled blonde Annellise Croft humiliates her man by sucking and fucking a huge cock right in front of him.

Newcomer Amanda Verhooks is blonde, tight and curvy. She has long, hard nipples that poke through her fishnet top and inviting holes that she spreads while looking into the camera.

The second new MILF of the issue is Casey Starr, a blonde, busty divorcee who slams a butt plug up her asshole while her pink pussy gapes.

Divorcee Brandi Anderson, 42, is another newcomer. She weighs only 98 pounds and a lot of it’s in her big, fake tits. She also has meaty pussy lips.

Newcomer No. 4 is Brandi Minx, a 41-year-old divorcee who gets into all kinds of wild flexi positions to show off her cunt.

Anjelica Lauren was a big-time porn star in the early 2000s, and now she’s back. In these photos, this big-titted brunette shows off her well-fucked pussy. In the interview, she tells you all about her wild life.

Sasha Sean was porn star Sasha Strange in the 1980s. This 46-year-old blond divorcee takes on a big, black cock. Plus, an exclusive interview.

Redhead Heather Barron is a mother of four. What’s she doing in 40Something? Getting DP’d and soaked with loads of cum!

We have two 66-year-olds. First, Rochelle, a busty divorcee and swinger who sucks and fucks a big cock and finishes things off with a creampie.

Then, Patsy, a wife from the UK with the most-gaping cunt you’ve ever seen. Patsy smiles wide while she shows off her amazing pink and black hole.
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