Flat & Fucked #5
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Flat & Fucked #5

Jose is the flattest and skinniest girl in this flick, and she doesn't look like the kind of girl who can suck a mean cock. But she can. She also doesn't look like the type to tell a guy to fuck her pussy harder as his balls slap her ass, but she does. She's a flat slut in disguise, our favorite kind.

Blonde braceface Moretta can't even fill an A-cup. But what she can do is suck cock, ride it and then take it up her tight, teen ass!

Holly is a curvy cutie with not much up top but plenty of booty to go around. That's why she's more than happy to do anal.

Sasha is tiny and oh, so cute. Things go from 0 to sex-ty in 5 seconds flat once she opens a dirty magazine and sees hot XXX pictures. She copies the sucky-fucky action in the porno mags with her boyfriend.

Alyssa, another blonde, is giving a guy a guitar lesson, and the next she has her meaty pussy lips wrapped around his face. She gets pounded in a variety of positions till she's red in the face, then gets a steaming load of cum shot up her pussy!

Cute, little Kyleigh is an 18eighteen favorite with her braces, innocent face and tiny boobies. Here, she shows us her naughty side by getting a creampie and squeezing it out for everyone to see.

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Rated: XXX
Time: 130 Minutes

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