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Pickin' Up Pussy #4 DVD

Pickin' Up Pussy #4 DVD

After publishing Naughty Neighbors for 16 years, we think we've learned what guys like you want in a suck and fuck movie: a helluva lot of girls of all types and a minimum of plot, leaving you more time for the raw sex that you crave. So, how does nearly seven freakin' hours of carnal action featuring 19 horny amateurs grab you? We're talking horny girls from 18 through to the mid-20s who get it on in all sorts of locations, indoors and outside. How many boxes of tissues you're going to go through, we have no idea. But we do know that Pickin' Up Pussy #4 will leave your wrist hurting and your dick out of action for a while due to over-use. Reading this is a waste of your time. Buy this DVD and you'll be set for ages. Remember: porn is cheaper than dating, and DVDs never have headaches!

19 Amateurs Fucking. Nearly Seven Hours of Action. Nuf said?

Knocking out Naughty Neighbors magazine for 16 years has educated us as to what guys are into: watching amateurs in action on a DVD. Lots of horny babes and not much bullshit. Okay? So, on this two-DVD set, we're offering up 19 horny honeys who suck dicks and ride 'em for nearly seven freakin; hours of sweaty, jizz-draining viewing. How many boxes of tissues that might equate to, we really don't know, but you won't care once you get started on this pussy parade. We've kept the plot of each scene to a minimum so there's more of what you want to see: naked babes sucking dicks and getting drilled. There are honeys from 18 to the mid-20s in indoor and outdoor action. You don't need names because you won't remember them, but you will remember seeing each girl take on a stud and leave him well and truly fucked.

Order this set now, then start preparing for its arrival. Make sure your wrist is ready for a super-sized workout, lay off the jacking so your balls can build up supplies for a mammoth jizz session and eat healthy to build up your stamina. One more thing: headphones are advisable because some of these girls are LOUD when they cum.

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Rated: XXX
Time: 454 Minutes

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