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Mamazon DVD

Mamazon DVD

Four explorers, searching in the jungle for an artifact that can make all women stacked, are taken prisoner by six tribal babes with huge tits. Have the explorers finally discovered the source of this valuable treasure? Maybe, but first, they'll have to survive wild group sex with their horny captors! Alexis Silver, Kali West, Rachel Love, Daylene Rio, Alia Janine and Shyla Shy star in the most spectacular sex adventure ever filmed! Dare to explore the carnal secrets of the Mamazons! Now available as a two-disc collector-s set with exclusive backstage footage and interviews, bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and a spectacular gallery of still photograph.

Four explorers, searching deep in the jungle for an artifact that makes women bustier, come upon six super-stacked exotic babes-Alexis Silver, Shyla Shy, Daylene Rio, Rachel Love, Alia Janine and Kali West-making lezzie love. Queen Alexis is getting her pussy fingered by Daylene while Rachel and Shyla play with her tits. Alexis sucks her own pussy juice off of Shyla's finger, and Rachel eats Alexis's asshole. Lots of kissing and tit-sucking, followed by bouncing boobs through the jungle when the girls catch the explorers watching them.

Busty, long-legged Alia Janine is fascinated by Hugo's cock. "I'm in control," she says as she shakes her naturals in his face and drags them across his stomach. She sits on his face so he can eat her shaved pussy, and she uses his tongue to fuck her pussy. Alia gives him a great blow job as her tits rub and hang against his thigh, then she fucks his cock with her tits. Alia's tits bounce all over the place as she fucks her new cock in the reverse-cowgirl, standing and cowgirl positions before jacking it off onto her chest.

Rachel Love is supposed to interrogate Dr. Jacobs and Kevin, but she's curious about their cocks. She's never been with a man and asks, "So tell me why you men prize these dicks so highly." They answer, "They can bring women pleasure. You can put it in your mouth and taste it." Rachel hungrily and noisily sucks both of their cocks, jacking one while sucking the other. She spitts on them, too. Then one explorer sucks Rachel's tits while she sucks the other's cock. Rachel gets fucked in the missionary position while the other guy sits above her and feeds her his cock. She makes lots of sloppy, horny noises, and her tits sway wildly while she's getting fucked doggie-style and sucking cock. She sucks balls, too! Rachel also gets fucked in the reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl positions, then enjoys her first tit-fuck. One explorer cums on her tits, the other cums on her face, and Rachel wipes the cum off of her and tastes it.

Kali West goes to James' cage and rubs her tits against it, then tit-fucks the cage bar and has him eat a banana from between her tits. She unties him and takes his cock out, asking, "What is this? It looks like a banana. Should I put it in my mouth?" She sucks his cock through the bars as he plays with her tits. Finally, she lets him out of the cage for a vigorous tit-fuck, followed by fucking in the missionary and reverse-cowgirl positions. Finally, Kali lays back, and we're looking down from above as he cums all over her huge tits. "Don't worry," James said. "It's just cum." Replies Kali, "I'm not surprised. I've seen the monkeys do it."

Alexis Silver and Shyla Shy perform a ritual with Kevin. Kevin hungrily sucks Shyla's tits, then Alexis orders Shyla to suck his cock while she strokes his body. Shyla sucks Kevin's cock while Kevin sucks Alexis' tits. Then Alexis deep-throats Kevin, licking his balls, too, while Shyla props up his cock. Alexis rides Kevin cowgirl while sticking her finger in her own ass, then demands of Shyla, "Anoint my asshole with the coconut oil." Alexis then rolls over, pulls her legs behind her head and has Kevin fuck her ass. "Give me all of it," she demands, then sucks Shyla's tits while getting ass-slammed. Alexis eats the cock that's been in her ass, then takes it in her ass again. Kevin fucks Shyla doggie-style while Alexis spreads Shyla's ass, and Alexis sucks the cock that just came out of Shyla's pussy. "Let me taste that pussy," Alexis demands. Alexis rests her tits on Shyla's ass while Shyla gets pounded from behind, then helps Shyla bounce up and down on Kevin's cock. Kevin tit-fucks Shyla (as Alexis sucks his cock on the upstroke), then fucks her again in the missionary position. Kevin cums into a coconut cup, and Alexis drinks it, declaring the ceremony complete.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the jungle, Daylene Rio dances over James, who's woozy. Daylene is topless and wearing a jungle skirt with no panties. Daylene licks his entire body, then rubs her tits over James and lets him suck them. "This is what I want," Daylene declares. "Male fertility." Daylene spits on his cock and tit-fucks it, then sucks it. They fuck in the spoon, reverse-cowgirl and standing position (with James holding up Daylene's right leg and pounding her from behind). Finally, he explodes onto her face and tits, and she licks off her cum. "I taste your seed all over my Mamazon breasts," Daylene says. "The ritual is complete."

But the movie isn't complete. Will the explorers escape with the relic they sought? Or will the Mamazons get what they want?The bonus disc of this collector's set includes a gallery of still photographs, deleted scenes, exclusive backstage footage and interviews, bloopers and outtakes.

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Rated: XXX
Time: 158 Minutes

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