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Tits, Tits, Tits! Featuring Renee Ross DVD

Tits, Tits, Tits! Featuring Renee Ross DVD

J-cup newcomer Renee Ross is already destined to go down as one of the greatest naturals ever. Now, spend a day with this real-life naughty nurse as she wakes up, showers, oils up her heavy tits, goes swimming and puts on a wet T-shirt show just for you. Filmed entirely from a boob lover's point-of-view, this video features up-close, in-your-face breast play as Renee kneads, sucks, tugs on and squeezes her incredible hooters in every conceivable position. And she doesn't forget about her sopping-wet pussy, which she vigorously fucks with her fingers and dildos, allowing us to hear the squishy-squishy sounds her horny cunt makes. The DVD extras include an exclusive interview in which Renee talks about her private life...while fingering her pussy!

Two guys are sitting in a truck when they see a girl walking by wearing a shapeless construction worker's outfit. "Look at the tits on that girl!" one of the guys says, but his friend doesn't agree. "That construction dyke?" he says. "What are you talking about?" Turns out that the first dude's boob radar was right-on, because the next thing we know, the girl's arriving home and it's Renee. The transformation from construction worker to dream girl begins as Renee takes off her top and bra, mashes her tits together and jiggles them. Renee puts on a cock-hardening tit show, tugging on them, lifting and dropping them and separating her 16-pound whoppers by the nipples. She sucks on her nips, then goes to the bathroom, where we watch her take a soapy, sexy shower. Renee's impossibly huge rack overflows her arms, then she turns around and soaps up her ass. When Renee gets out of the shower, she lets us watch her put on her makeup (and brush powder onto her boobs) before getting dressed for her mystery date. She squeezes her tits into a blue bra (we watch from below as she hefts her tits into the hooter harness and spends a long time making sure it fits), then a sexy, leopard-print top and high heels. Just in time...her date has arrived!

When this scene opens, Renee is wearing a super-low-cut gray sweater and a white bra. You'll see cleavage from here to next year as she tucks her sweater under the bra, then offers side, top and bottom views of her mammoth mountains of flesh. Renee lifts one tit and drops it, then juggles it, then lifts the nipple Then she takes out her other breast and pushes her twin beauties together. "My tits are throbbing for your cock," she says. "Put your dick right here between these nice, big titties." Renee gets on all fours, her favorite position, and lets her tits sway. "Wouldn't you like to be behind me?" she asks, then she faces the camera and squeezes her tits together. "That could be your hard cock between these titties." Renee takes off her white panties and fingers her juicy pussy while licking a nipple. We can hear how wet her pussy is as she fingers it and sucks on a flesh-colored dildo. She tit-fucks herself with the dildo, then slides it into her pussy. "Fuck that wet pussy," Renee says. "Oh, that fucking cock is good. Oh, I want you to cum all over my titties." After Renee cums, she sucks her pussy juices off the dildo, like the dirty girl she is.

Renee has managed to shoehorn her J-cup naturals into a pink macro-bikini that only covers her nips. She plays with her tits while they're somehow still in the bikini, bouncing them and separating them and squeezing them together...even jumping! She bends over and jiggles her tits, and then it's oiling time! Of course, when a chick has hooters as big as Renee's, one bottle of oil won't do, so she uses a bottle for each tit and rubs it in. "Don't you like my big, wet, slick titties?" she asks. Renee is vigorous with her tit play, tugging them and kneading them, licking her nipples, stacking one tit on top of the other. She takes off her Brazilian bikini bottom and saturates her body with oil, then lays back and plays with her glistening tits. You'll feel like you're on top of Renee as she jiggles those twin beauties, then squeezes them together into the tit-fucking position. A masterful (and masturbatable) tit show ends with Renee slapping her boobs together. Applause, applause!

"There's nothing like a wet T-shirt!" Renee says, standing poolside with her breasts testing the strength of a thin, white shirt. "I think I'll take a dip in the pool." Renee dips her tits into the pool, too, and her nipples immediately respond and poke through her top. "It's a little chilly," she says, but she's committed to putting on a wet T-shirt show for us no matter how cold the water is. Her tits float, then she bounces her breasts on the water before reaching in and freeing them. When Renee climbs out of the pool, she says, "It's time to get this thing off," but she doesn't take off her shirt the traditional way. She rips it off her chest, and now her tits somehow look even bigger than before. She slaps and stacks 'em, pulls them apart by the nipples, bends over, jiggles, pushes her tits together and licks her nipples one at a time. For most of this scene, we're looking right up at Renee with her breasts directly above us. You'll feel like she's about to smother you with her tits!

We called this scene "Finger Lickin' Good" because Renee really gets into fingering her pussy. She starts out by putting on a tit show, but then she tongues a nipple and says, "All this boob play's getting me so hot." She lays back on her bed and asks, "Who needs pillows when you've got these big, nice breasts?" Renee isn't wearing panties under her short skirt, so pussy-access is easy. "My pussy is so wet for your hot cock," she says as she spreads her legs, licks her tits and spreads her cunt some more. Her pussy makes great squishy sounds as she rapid-fire finger-fucks it and tells us, "This pussy wants your cock so bad. Oh, baby, fuck that pussy." We then get more views of her huge tits from below as she fucks them with her arm, then stacks them on top of each other. "I want your hard cock between these titties," Renee says, then she fingers her pussy again and cums as the DVD reaches its climactic conclusion.

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Rated: X
Time: 93 Minutes

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