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Stacked Street Sluts #3 DVD

Stacked Street Sluts #3 DVD

What did the Xbiz magazine reviewer say about the Stacked Street Sluts series? "They walk like hookers. They dress like hookers. They act like hookers. But you-ve never seen hookers with tits this big. If real hookers looked like them, hooking would become the world's fastest growing service industry." Get down and dirty with a new serving of busty streetwhores in Stacked Street Sluts #3. The nasty pavement pounders in this volume are Sara Jay, Puma Swede, Holly Halston, Sharon Pink, Candy Manson and Amber Lynn Bach. Each of these busty fuck-toys competes to be the sleaziest ho on their block and they-ve each got the merchandise to be #1! Why waste your time with slow-moving Skinemax hooker movies when you can see the real deal with Stacked Street Sluts? Every pick-up is loaded with tit-fucking, cock and ball sucking, hard-pounding fucking in every position, cum-feeding and horny street-trash talking.

Scene 1: Slutty gutter-girl Sara Jay picks up her trick in an industrial area and the self-described "dirty, fucking skank" goes wild on his dick in a deserted factory. Big-boobed and big-assed Sara knows that if she lets him fuck the shit out of her, he'll be back for some repeat business. Sara doesn't need a cash register: Her pussy and mouth calculate every dollar. But she gives great value and more fuck for the buck, so she knows he'll look for her again. Just look for that bouncing booty, best in the hood.

Scene 2: Over in Prague, a horny dude pulls up to roadside hooker Sharon Pink. She's wearing a red bra, a mini-skirt and white boots over red leggings. "You give me a free one?" he asks like a smartass. "Noooo," Sharon replies, looking at him like he's an idiot: European hookers are no different than their American counterparts. So they agree on a price and they drive back to his apartment, where they get right down to fuck business.

Scene 3: Not much for small talk like Sara, Sharon takes his cock and then opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue for his massive load of cum.Candy Manson puts on her super-whore costume and knee-high black boots and goes out looking for big game. She approaches one dude reading at a bus stop. Some guys love to fuck hookers but they're shy and nervous and need to be approached by an aggressive girl. Candy can zero in on this kind of Joe, and knows how to guide him along. She takes him back to her hooker pad and gives him a striptease show on her terrace so he can see what a great body and boobs she's packing. "This is gonna be the best lay you've ever had," she promises, and that-s no fake-out. This chick has serious boobage. They screw right there on the terrace so Candy can prove that her cunt is worth every reluctant dollar he's forking over.

Scene 4: With her super-sexy body wrapped in a tight, neon-pink mini-dress, and her long legs ending in high-heeled whore-hoppers, blonde beauty Puma Swede could be seen by a traffic helicopter. Puma's hanging out by her favorite spot, a dumpster in the back alley of a shitty apartment building. She curses and smokes in her native tongue, pacing back and forth until one horny trick pulls over. He's a wiseguy who says he's looking for a hooker who doesn't speak English, so Puma, a girl of Viking blood, plays along. They head to a hot-sheet motel with specialty rooms, but as soon as he parks, she pulls his pants down and sucks his dick in the front seat. After she wets his whistle, they head to the fuck room. Puma's got tits and beauty but she has zero street smarts. The trick fucks her every which way on the circular bed and jizzes her, then bolts without paying her a cent! Better study the hooker handbook again, Puma, 'cause you flunked this test!

Scene 5: Amber Lynn Bach comes out of the woods after she spots a guy with a disabled van on the side of the road. She propositions him, but he's a little leery about the price. She pulls her top down to show him her big, beautiful tits and lets him play with them to wet his appetite. Amber's business model is to give out a limited free sample of the goods to encourage the customer to buy. Because not many pay-mates are as stacked as she is, she gets plenty of cock. After he fixes his van-and Amber makes sure she gets the cash first-they head to his place. She throats his cock as soon as they walk in the door. Amber believes in giving good pussy back for good money handed over. She likes to talk dirty, and encourage her customers to fuck her hard and make her cum first. She hand-jerks his dick to get the cum out; it coats her tits and backsplashes her face. "I paid you, so rub that cum all over your tits," he orders. He's the boss, so Amber plays with his load, her tits glistening and shiny.

Scene 6: Holly Halston looks, dresses, talks and behaves so much like a streetwalker in this scene, she could easily be the boss ho in any neighborhood she strolled. Julia Roberts couldn't clean Holly's fuck-me shoes! No other whore better mess with Holly because she'll run her off, as she does with her sexy competition, Soleil Hughes, in the opening. She chases off Soleil as one trick drives over. He picks her and she jumps into his front seat. Holly immediately squeezes his balls through his jeans. "Will you take a big cock in your tight, little ass?" he asks her. "You pay, you get anything you want," Holly promises. They drive to his place. She asks him why a married man wants to fuck her. "Because I want a professional. And you got those," he tells her, playing with her big tits. They quibble about payment, playing hooker-John games. He wants to fuck her ass, too. Anal is going to cost him more than they originally agreed on. She gets to work sucking his cock. "I-m gonna be the best whore you ever had so you're gonna keep coming back to my track," Holly tells him. He fucks her pussy on the couch, and then sticks his shaft in her asshole..."My wife won't let me fuck her in the ass." This whole time, Holly is running a rap so hot she could melt steel with her filthy trash talk. When he blows his wad on her hooters after fucking her ass, she wipes it with the money, then licks the notes. Now that's raw! .

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Rated: XXX
Time: 120 Minutes

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